Wellness in the Tatras will give you a new Energiu

Do you want to experience new and unbuilt Niečo? Are you doing this right? Do you want to enjoy every deň? Wellness hotels, that's right miesto! Nachádzame SA in the beautiful natural Park Šumava Kusok from Rakúskych and the German border on the cross-street of Niekoľého Cyclobeams. The surrounding area is Veľa Cieľov your hiking or cycling tours. Alebo can be spoiled by the priestoroch of the hotel.
Do you have spa hotels? We think you're always on a selection. With us we have Niekoľko Špecialistov on Pambaanie your telá. Get the forces in our saune, alebo sa len uvoľnite vo vnútornom swimming pool. Take a tandem bicycle and Prejdite sa Len so in two.
The possibility is Niekoľko
We have teed up the Šumava activities so caring about you and there was a great vec-wellness hotels, Scooter Niečo New! Visit the new hotel České Žleby and you will have to come back!

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