We can combine fruits and crops that you don’t otherwise taste

In frozen creams you can find vitamins and a healthy dose of energy
If you are interested in our draft ice creams, click on the website www. adriagold. Cza to learn much more, we will show you the free presentation of all our products. We will also check the mixing machine and we will die together a delicious ice delicacy.
New delicious ice cream with rare fruits will replace the portion of vitamins
If you want to purchase a new ice cream machine, we will advise you where to buy the best one at an affordable price! If you like our approach and have tasted our products and approached you very much, it is no longer a good work to work together! We look forward to every new customer!
Draught from Ice
For serious interested, we offer ready-made frozen mixtures, which are advantageous for quick preparation of ice creams, have a stable taste, have a long shelf life and are hygienically safe and are suitable for machines with pump even without pump! You can order them in flavor vanilla, chocolate, lemon, strawberry, raspberry and pistachios.

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