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Contrasting Elements Of Marijuana And Hemp

Many people in the world do not know more about Hemp and Marijuana. The proof is in some message forums and nonprofessional blogs. Learning more about the differences between Hemp and Marijuana can help you drop some of the misconceptions you have believed in four years. You can quickly know the difference between Hemp and Marijuana when you read more about them. The following are the differences between marijuana and hemp.

Taking a closer look at the leaves of Marijuana and Hemp will help you appreciate the fact that they are different. contrary to the lean leaves which Hemp possesses, the leaves of marijuana are spread out, and the buds are closely packed.

Also, the only difference is in the plants. The sizes of hemp and marijuana plants differ in that, Hemp is taller and skinnier while marijuana is shorter and thicker. More so, branches are rare in the lower part of Hemp while Marijuana has several branches on its lower part too.

The cannabinoids that are dominant in Hemp and Marijuana are also not the same. The concentration level of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is higher in marijuana and much lower in hemp. Also there is so much cannabidiol (CBD) in Hemp when compared to marijuana.

The difference between Marijuana and Hemp also lies in their usage. Due to its psychoactive nature that is as a result of an abundance in THC, Marijuana is useful as a recreational drug. You will feel the effects of marijuana when you smoke, inhale, ingest or injected into your bloodstream. Some companies use THC from Marijuana to produce vaporizers, edibles and so on. In contrast, Hemp is useful for making oils, organic fuel, paper, building materials amongst other things.

Hemp and marijuana have different legal status. Several states allow Hemp as long as it’s THC levels remain at 0.3%. A hush legal action can be taken against you for cultivating marijuana when compared to Hemp if both are illegal. A lot of countries in the world consider marijuana illegal due to its high percentages of THC. However, some countries where marijuana is legal because of its potential to become useful in the medical field.

Also, Hemp and Marijuana grow in different environments. Hemp can be grown more about as close as four inches apart while marijuana requires approximately 6 feet of space between them to grow appropriately. While Hemp can survive in many different climates, marijuana only does well is warm and wet environments. What is more, about Hemp and Marijuana is that you cannot grow them in the same piece of land. The main reason why is that Hemp’s pollen grains can lessen the psychoactive capabilities of marijuana when they get into the marijuana flowers..

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