The Importance of Understanding Online Criticism

In this day and age of social media and online 24/7 news it only takes one little negative comment or review to damage the standing of a company. Some things may go unnoticed, but depending on who or what organization sees the negative post, it may take a lot of damage control to set things right again. This is why it is more important now than ever for businesses to look into online reputation management. By establishing a way to handle negative press, companies can get in front of any potential problems and lower the risk of adverse publicity.

Understand the Situation

Online reputations are a huge part of running a successful business. To understand and keep a positive brand stature on the web there are three important factors that come into play: understanding the current online image, good customer relations, and proper management of an online reputation. Improving these things can be done with a solid in-house team, but can be even more effective when partnered with businesses like Podium who specialize in improving their clientele’s online status. By working with such a company, the profile and impression of a brand can be elevated to a very favorable standing once any distressing opinions are addressed and resolved.

Don’t Let Complaints Go Unnoticed

Businesses that are not quite up to date with the impact of online customer interactions may not realize that a rating below 3.3 stars can drive customers away. Most people look at 4 stars as favorably satisfactory so if a business is not addressing those who give lower ratings, they may find that their sales and reputation lower. Addressing a problem is the best way to turn around a negative response and still keep up a good approval rating. By offering to fix or compensate for a distressing issue, companies can turn around that person’s opinion and often receive more positive feedback than they would have initially received.

Don’t Tolerate Underhanded Attacks

Another important aspect of online management is identifying inaccuracies. Some people may hold a grudge and post fraudulent claims or do so as a way to receive free services. These cases need to be scrutinized and handled properly so that a brand doesn’t suffer from defamation. With the aid of groups like Podium, companies will better understand how to properly handle these situations and eliminate dishonesty without looking like a threatening organization.

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