The Benefits of Being a Disney Vacation Club Member

In addition to the potential ability to save a large amount of money with the Disney Vacation Club, there are an array of other perks offered. According to DVC, these are referred to as “Membership Extras.” Even if a person ultimately decides to use a DVC Resale service, these perks and benefits are definitely worth the investment.

Discount on Annual Passes

When members purchase Platinum or Platinum Plus annual passes as a Vacation Club member, they can save a significant amount of money. Also, they can purchase the passes that are usually only available to people who reside in Florida, like the Gold Pass. This is a discount that’s able to be used on everyone who resides in the same house as the Vacation Club member.

Ticket Discounts

There are also discounts on standard park tickets from time to time. However, this is something that can change from time to time. Also, tickets to special events allow DVC members to enter earlier than other guests.

Moonlight Magic Events

From time to time, there are special events and parties only available to DVC members. These weren’t worth an extra trip in the past, but now they have changed quite a bit. Attendees get access to unlimited snacks, rare characters, and special entertainment.

Free Laundry

Each of the Disney Vacation Club resorts offers a dedicated laundry facility, along with the use of the washers and dryers at no fee for all members. The laundry rooms are well equipped and have a good capacity. There are even some one-bedroom villas and a few larger rooms that also have the washer and driver in-suite, making doing laundry convenient – even while on vacation.

For anyone who loves visiting Disney World and who has thought about joining DVC, there is no question that there are more than a few perks of doing this. Be sure to research a bit more before making a decision to ensure that this is something that will be beneficial for an individual and their family. Being informed and knowing what this club offers is the best way to know if it is worth the investment.