Minimalist Interior Design:What It Is and What It Looks Like

Home design shows and interior decorating magazines throw around the term minimalist a lot. Those watching or reading may have a sense of what these interior designers are talking about, but what does a minimalist home design look like? Today, we’ll look at what it is and what it looks like in the home.

The Concept

Minimalist home design aims for the concept of less is more. The idea is to design spaces that are simple, uncluttered, and accentuate unique architectural features. Color is used as an accent, with walls and Furniture that are monochromatic. Large windows feature frequently into minimalist homes, with the view being the focal point of the room. Simple, serene, restful, uncluttered, and clean are all buzzwords used to describe the minimalist home.

The Look

Color pallet choice in minimalist design focuses on neutral colors that complement each other. Soft grey walls, white trim, warm wooden floors, and linen-colored wallpapers are common choices. The idea isn’t to follow one specific minimalist color palette but to choose neutral colors and textures that blend. Colorful elements still hold a place in minimalist design, but are incorporated with purpose: a single, loved painting on the wall, a soft rug in warm, cheery colors, a crystal vase with flowers, etc.

The Benefits

Interior designers talk about the personal benefits they’ve seen minimalist design offer their clients. The most powerful of these benefits is the way clean, simple designs reduce stress and anxiety for their clients. By creating spaces that are clean and uncluttered, the home becomes a calm, peaceful haven from the colors, noise, and over-stimulation of the outside world. Clients have often mentioned that their minimalist interiors have inspired other changes in their lives, such as an increased focus on family and hobbies rather than acquiring possessions.

Minimalist interior design isn’t for everyone, as to some it feels cold and impersonal. When not done right, this can certainly be true, which is why designers focus on bringing soft, warm touches into home design. For those who prefer the minimalist look, this style provides a space to focus on the things that truly move and inspire them.