A Cast Iron Tub as Part of a Bohemian-Style Master Bathroom

Men and women who want to decorate their homes in a bohemian style love bold splashes of color and unusual furnishings. In the master bathroom, a Cast Iron Tub can be installed that adds an uncommon feature in today’s residential real estate. Modern bathrooms in this country tend to emphasize showers, sometimes oversized. They may have dual shower heads and benches. Some homeowners have chosen to eliminate the bathtub altogether. In contrast, a large clawfoot or pedestal tub fits very well in a bohemian-style home.

Bathtub Colors

These bathtubs are available in a variety of colors, helping the homeowners to design their bathroom exactly as they want to. This bohemian master bath probably will not be characterized by beige, white and off-white fixtures and other items. The household residents might want the tub painted or finished in the colors of bronze, copper or platinum. A gray bathtub is another possibility, allowing for the choice of a less common neutral hue that is complementary to the other colors in the room.

The Bohemian Flair

It’s been said that the bohemian style, commonly called boho, allows people to stay in touch with their “inner hippie.” In home decor, the freedom to mix a variety of items that don’t match in any particular way is a distinctive strategy for boho design. The household residents don’t feel compelled to follow any particular interior design rules.

Origination of Bohemian Style

This unconventional flair, which extends to fashion as well as to home decor, is said to have originated in 19th-century Paris. Nomadic artists and other creative types flocked to the city, embracing the chance to follow their dreams and a non-conformist lifestyle. They apparently did not intend to start any fashion or interior design trends, but that’s exactly what happened.

Adding to the Decor

This type of home design often includes decorative items gathered from trips to other countries. If the owners cannot do this kind of traveling for now, they can pick up suitable items at stores selling antiques and second-hand goods. Tips for decorating the master bath and other rooms can be found online if more ideas are needed.